Custom Wood Furniture

Have something special in mind?

Our custom order process helps you create the best quality piece for your budget. Our aim is to help you understand the options when it comes to the type of build you are looking for. Let us connect you to a trusted woodworker in our network and take the guesswork out of custom orders.

How it Works

1: Submit a photo or customize a piece from our catalog

We’ll work with you to find a solution in your price range.

2: Get a quote

We bring you a competitive bid from a trusted woodworker in your area.

3. Pick your options

Create a piece that fits perfectly in your space.

4: See your piece being built

Receive photos and updates about the build process

5: Delivered to your home

We take care of shipping and delivery.

6: Enjoy your unique furniture

Make your space your own and enjoy it for years to come.

What kinds of furniture do we build?

Free-standing Wood Furniture

Wood is our specialty, though some metal or glass elements can be accommodated. Our woodworkers build the items in their shop and ship them to you. Although items can be built to dimension, they must be free-standing pieces that do not require installation.

Inspired by Domestic Woods

We always recommend using sustainably harvested American wood sources. While there are many exotic hardwoods available such as ebony and mahogany, the environmental impact of harvesting these trees can be significant. Luckily, there are a number of beautiful domestic species such as cherrywood and oak that are readily available and ideal for fine furniture making.

Start Your Custom Build

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