How the Coronavirus is Affecting Local Woodworkers

how the coronavirus is affecting woodworkers

We are all facing uncharted territory today as we fight the epidemic of the coronavirus (COVID-19). The economy is taking a massive hit as steps to ward off the virus are affecting both small businesses and large businesses all around us. Today we wanted to share how the coronavirus (COVID-19) is impacting the local woodworkers and how we, at Teak & Timber, have found a way to support them and other small business throughout this epidemic. 

As many local furniture shops have closed due to the impact of the coronavirus, our online marketplace has not! Online shopping is nothing new to our culture and shopping from your local woodworker has never been easier! Every product in our Teak & Timber shop is designed by a local woodworker. Every purchase is immediately sent to a woodworker in our network to be built right in their personal shop. It’s social distancing at its finest friends! Our customer receives a beautiful, handcrafted, heirloom piece of furniture without even stepping a foot out your front door. (#stayhome)

Although most people may not be used to the daily life hunkered down at home, this is nothing new for the local woodworker. Many woodworkers have built their shops right from their personal garage. Building beautiful pieces of furniture from their personal shop is an every day normal for them. For some, being able to stay home and work on building beautiful projects full time is actually a dream come true.  

Here is the even greater ripple effect of every purchase made through Teak & Timber. Each purchase not only supports our business at Teak & Timber or the local woodworker, but by buying a handmade piece, the lumber industry, local hardware stores, and the shipping industries are all being supported as well. With just one purchase we are helping at least five different companies fight the effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19). What an incredible way to make a difference in these hard times! 

Teak & Timber’s main mission is to support the local woodworker and give them every opportunity to do more of what they love, building furniture. We have built an incredibly online marketplace to make your shopping experience your most incredible experience yet. And because we are all connected, your purchase is actually doing so much more.