Our Story

Our story, our values, our mission.

It all started when we looked around and saw our woodworker friends who were capable of making incredibly beautiful, durable pieces but struggled to turn that passion into a sustainable career. Hours upon hours have been poured into perfecting a trade that seemed to be forgotten. They were committed to working in ways that honored the materials by using traditional techniques that experience has shown us can last for a very long time. 

However, the furniture industry isn’t built for traditional makers. It has been shaped into a quick and fast industry and no longer values the skillset and quality of the trade. This is the challenge we decided to take on. We want to lead the cultural shift towards a future where furniture makers can earn a living wage and buyers can have easier access to beautiful high-quality items.

Why is it so hard to find well-made furniture? As factory furniture producers began to cut corners to lower their prices, expectations about how long a piece of furniture should last also diminished. Cheaper materials, cheaper production methods, and high price tags on items that aren’t necessarily high quality have made it difficult for independent woodworkers to show the value of their skill and labor. We have an untapped resource – woodworkers who are passionate about quality and have the expertise to create it but can’t reach their customers. 

Teak & Timber is bridging the gap between builders and buyers. We want to give you a choice to bring something into your home that will last beyond your lifetime. Once you feel the difference, it will completely change the way you look at furniture. 

You are the first part of the story, but your Teak & Timber furniture may have three or four lives before it’s finally time to biodegrade back into the earth.

This is our story. We created Teak and Timber to support the livelihood of craftspeople and value the living tradition of woodworking. We believe intentional work is meaningful work and we want that to be available in your home.  Let’s do it with intention, artistry, and mindfulness for the future. 

-The Teak & Timber Team