The Top Three Struggles of the American Woodworker

…and why Teak & Timber is the perfect answer to those problems. 

If you’re a local woodworker, we already know as you read this post you will nod your head in agreement throughout the entire read. As a customer, we wanted to take a quick moment to help shed some light on the behind the scene issues woodworkers face today. Our goal is for you to rest assured that your purchase is actually making a difference in the community around you. We want you to know that when you buy from Teak & Timber, you ARE the answer to the problem they face as builders.

Using Time Efficiently

The first struggle we know woodworkers face is how to use their time efficiently. Woodworking is commonly a side hustle trade and therefore, they cannot find enough time in the week to build the number of pieces they would need to build to earn a full-time income on part-time hours. Building a dining table or a different, intricate piece takes a lot of time. This is how Teak & Timber solves that problem! Because we pay our network of woodworkers such a large percentage of the purchase price, woodworkers within our network are able to earn more money for each piece they build. This means the time they put into a project is worth it and is helping them get one step closer towards making this trade their full-time career if desired. 

Pricing Finished Work

Finding that sweet spot of what a piece is going for but still earning a good profit can be tricky. What frequently ends up happening is a low priced sale. The builder will sell the piece for less than what they could or should have and in return, make very little for the time they invested into the piece. This is how Teak & Timber solves that problem! We know that the quality of work is worth the price. We have taken the task of finding customers who are more than willing to pay top dollar for the work these builders are investing. This means every job a woodworker accepts through Teak & Timber will absolutely give them a profit in return for their work.

Getting Your Name Out There

As a woodworker, you need your brand to be known. A constant stream of customers is absolutely necessary for them to stay in business. Most woodworkers are good at just that, woodworking. When it comes to marketing themselves, they commonly feel in over their heads. This is how Teak & Timber solves that problem! We take away the need to market themselves. As a part of our Teak & Timber network, each woodworker receives an equal opportunity for work based on our sales. We take away the stress of marketing to find a customer and allow them to do more of what they love, build!

As you can see, Teak & Timber is passionate about solving not just one, but all three of these struggles. Being a company built by local woodworkers, we have all experienced the pains of these struggles. However, because of those experiences, this awesome online marketplace was designed just for the local woodworker to thrive. We are focused on getting projects for them at a great price so they can earn what they are worth for the time they put into each build. We want to see more woodworkers spending their time building. Every time you purchase a piece, you are a part of our solution to help these amazingly talented woodworkers. It’s a win-win!