Why We Price Like We Do

Have you ever wondered why handmade furniture costs so much more than the furniture you purchase off today’s home and furniture apps or your local furniture shop? Our mission at Teak & Timber is to expose the value of craftsmanship to the world by empowering the local woodworkers and delivering pieces you can build memories around. To do this we price each piece with three things in mind. 

The first thing we take into consideration is the amount of time and the energy our woodworker will be putting into the project. We know that a majority of woodworkers build as a side hustle with the desire to go full time. We want to empower their dream by giving them a competitive wage for their time and skills. 

The second thing we consider when pricing a piece is the quality of the design for that piece. Each of our products, as well as many other handmade pieces, are built with ancient joinery methods that we know will last for hundreds of years. You can read more about these methods on our Let’s Talk Joinery post. On top of a time-tested structure, all of our designs have a modern and unique style. We believe the quality of the design is both in what you can and cannot see. 

The third thing we look at when pricing a piece is the quality of the wood being used to build your piece. Sure, we can use reclaimed wood or use wood of lesser quality to raise our profit margins, but that is not what we value as craftsmen and women. American hardwood is the strongest, most durable, and beautiful which is why we choose to build all our pieces with it. Using American hardwood ensures that your Teak & Timber table will be the one that is passed down from generation to generation. Pair that along with the joinery methods we use and that baby can handle whatever you throw at it. To read more about why we build using American hardwoods over other wood types. 

When you take all three of these reasons into consideration, we feel our customers are not only receiving an amazing piece for the price they pay but they are also helping to preserve the living tradition of woodworking by supporting those passionate about that trade. When you buy a handmade piece of furniture from Teak & Timber, you are buying a piece that will be centered in the memories you build throughout your lifetime.