Meet Our Woodworkers

Teak & Timber is a network of independent builders. Although they come from many different backgrounds, they share one thing in common: a love of craft and appreciation for wood.

“Woodworking is an opportunity to let the natural beauty and elegance of wood speak for itself, while simultaneously giving it a new purpose. With the right tools and materials, along with a little creativity and ingenuity, a woodworker is able to create a unique and naturally stunning piece that invokes both awe and wonder. This is exactly what I aim to achieve with every piece that I make for each client because I am an artist at heart, a perfectionist by nature, and a woodworker for life.”

Conner Kidman | Seattle, WA

The women and men who build with Teak & Timber are members of your community.

Our approved network of skilled craftsmen and women are matched with you locally. Investing in your future is also investing in keeping the trade alive in your community.

There are 17 million woodworkers in the United States. We work with those who’s techniques and skill level will produce a quality, life-time piece for your home. Let us take the task of searching for the perfect woodworker off your plate.

“I’ve been practicing the craft of woodworking for over 25 years.  For me, it all started when I was fresh out of university and in an unfulfilling job. My mother decided I needed a hobby, so she got me a couple of woodworking books and some tools for Christmas.  That sparked my passion and I was hooked. Woodworking became my passion and creative outlet. I love the challenge and precision necessary to produce something beautiful that will last for generations. 

Over the last five years, I’ve been able to hone my abilities by studying under several modern masters and spending countless hours in my shop. In January of 2019, I made custom woodworking my full-time career and am enjoying every moment of it.  It will be my pleasure to create your next heirloom piece.”

Don Luttmer | Sammamish, WA

Learn from the Experts

Each of our woodworkers follows a proven method that allows you and us to follow along with the building process. As a customer, you can choose to receive updates throughout the build process and learn about how your piece was made. Find out more about what makes your piece unique and time-tested.

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