About Us

Teak & Timber is a team of people who know woodworking. Our aim is to support independent craftspeople to make sustainable furniture that can become a meaningful part of your home. What brings us together is a love of the natural material, deep respect for fine craftsmanship, and an appreciation for beautiful practical objects.

Daniel McConnell

Founder and CEO

I first fell in love with woodworking at a young age when my grandfather taught me basic fundamentals in his shop.  I loved watching him create unique Pacific Northwest Native American art. I took 4 years of woodworking throughout high school, in which most of my pieces were gifts to my mother. There is something so soothing about working with wood and creating special pieces with my hands; woodworking is therapeutic and an escape from the daily grind!  I recently completed my MBA after serving 8 years in the Marine Corp and found a real passion for business and entrepreneurship. I knew the love of woodworking and the problems woodworkers face had to have a solution, but I just wasn’t satisfied with the current offerings. I want Teak & Timber to be the number one place to go for high quality made to order hardwood furniture. 

Kacie Guthrie

Principal Designer

My journey to woodworking began, of all places, on the sea. As a deckhand, environmental educator, and restoration worker on a wooden schooner that was built in 1914, I first learned about the skill, artistry, and future-thinking involved with wooden boatbuilding. I sailed into Port Townsend, Washington and accidentally stayed for eight years. There I discovered a nexus of woodworkers, shipwrights, and luthiers who were incredibly generous with their knowledge and dedicated to preserving traditional craftsmanship. I joined the Port Townsend School of Woodworking as a student and eventually became an administrator/instructor. These days, most of the things I build are digital. I’m here to design systems and technology that support a more sustainable furniture industry and create opportunities for woodworkers to share their craft.

Zach Buzaid


I became infatuated with building at a young age. From structures and forts to carvings and sculptures. Looking back, it would be the theme of leaving a mark or impression that drove much of my creativity around how to construct something. This builder’s personality led me to a career in Software Engineering, which left behind the rewarding hands-on experience in exchange for digital creations. This void was quickly filled by pursuing professional training in metal and woodworking at the Artisan’s Asylum in Boston where I found instruction from some wildly successful craftspeople. Wielding this newfound skillset, I set off to create a custom furniture business where we focused primarily on hardwood furniture with modern introductions of metalworking. These days I’ve traded in the day-to-day woodworking for building scalable solutions that will impact the lives of thousands of woodworkers and preserve the age-old tradition of building things meant to last.

Alena Petersen

Content Strategist

My experience with woodworking began shortly after my husband and I married. My husband began woodworking in high school and as we began to fill our home with furniture, I had him build all sorts of pieces for our home. While he continued to build for our family, friends and other family members began to have him design and build pieces for them as well. Watching him design and build exposed me to many aspects of woodworking and I’m still learning and expanding my knowledge of the trade. I began social marketing with both my husband and my woodworking business as well as my other ventures. I am a part of the marketing team for Teak & Timber and have a passion to continue to expose this lost trade to our culture. Woodworking is part of our family business and I’m here to support Teak & Timber’s vision to bridge the gap between local woodworkers and customers.

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